top 13 reasons to play uscaa basketball

Top 13 Reasons to Play USCAA Basketball!

Lets start by addressing the fact that the USCAA is one of the lesser known divisions in the world of basketball. However, this means that there are a lot of fantastic opportunities just waiting to be had. We always stress the point to players, that keeping an open mind will lead you to more opportunities. Knowledge is power. For those who aren’t super familiar with the USCAA and all they have to offer, here are 13 reasons why you should consider playing for a USCAA basketball program.


Here you can access the most up-to-date college basketball openings from college coaches looking for players to fill roster spots

NOTE: A typical small college is a school that has an enrollment of less than 5,000 students, doesn’t have a graduate school, and has a student-to-faculty ratio of under 10:1 with some who are as low as 5:1!


  1. Student-Athlete Focused: USCAA schools are very much focused on their student athletes, you will get a lot of attention, encouragement and support both as an athlete and as a college student

2. 4 year Degree: Some of the best schools in the country are members of the USCAA. By playing for their basketball program, you not only have a great college basketball career, you will also get a great education in the fields of your choice.

3. Compete at the National Level: A USCAA school competes both regionally and nationally so you will get great competition and recognition in the division.

4. Awarded Recognition: You get access to tournament opportunities, All American awards, All Academic awards, and weekly team and player recognition. Your efforts and talent on the court and in the classroom will get noticed and you will be rewarded!

5. VERY COMPETITIVE: Schools who are members of the USCAA have very high level, competitive programs. This makes for excellent match ups on the court and great entertainment for your home crowd of fans!

6. SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Players who are recruited by a USCAA school can be offered athletic scholarships to cover the cost of attendance and, there is far less competition for financial aid compared to playing in alternative divisions.

NOTE:  Smaller colleges are more likely to offer merit scholarships to entice students to enroll.

7. SMALL CLASSES:  Attending a USCAA school means you will rarely be in any classes of more than 20 to 50 students. This is such a benefit as a student athlete because you have more opportunities to ask your professor questions, engage in group discussion, and have a professor’s and coaching staff who want to get to know you and really know who you are.

NOTE: At many small colleges you might find up to 1/3 of the students on campus will also be athletes.

8. PROFESSORS ONLY: Many of the USCAA have “tenured” professors. This means there will be much fewer newer, graduate professors so you will gain a lot from their experience and dedication. Professors will put more effort into preparing your classes and, into developing new classes for you as they tend to be more invested in your individual success. The smaller classes mean professors can more easily identify who needs extra tutoring, who needs to see a counselor, or who needs to be academically pushed more. With this being said, fewer students fall through the cracks and you may have more opportunities to gain leadership experience because there will be less competition than in a different division.

9. Curriculum freedom: Smaller colleges like the members of the USCAA are more flexible about requirements and give you more leeway to build programs that meet your individual interests and needs. Some will even allow you to design your own majors. Some don’t have majors at all! What’s good about this is that you can take only the courses that you want, rather than sitting in on endless classes that the institution thinks all students should take.

NOTE: Some small colleges have a non-traditional school year calendar, some are single-sex, some have a religious affiliation, some are HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), some are in rural, urban or suburban locations, some even condense four years of college into three – the point is … there is something for everyone!

10. YOU MATTER: Because USCAA members are small colleges this means that you will not feel alienated from your college experience. At a USCAA school you will have people who care about you and whether you learn anything and improving. You get the feeling that you really count. Every student can make a real difference in the community that you live and study in. Individualized learning makes it possible for you to find your niche and they often have very strong advising systems for you to access too.

11. LOWER COST: USCAA colleges often offer a scholarship (which is basically a tuition discount) to students regardless of income, for all families whether you are high, middle and low income combined. 64% of all small colleges cost less than $25,000, on average, for tuition, room, board and fees. 30% cost less than $20,000 and 6% cost less than $15,000. Many offer full-tuition scholarships for strong academic students. While bureaucracy will still exist, there are also fewer layers to navigate for approval.

12. STRONG BONDS: Expect a dedicated fan base at your games! Over the course of your years at a USCAA school you will find it easier to make friends as well as develop a strong sense of community. Staff members and Coaches can provide personal guidance and feedback. This means you’re more likely to form lifelong friendships and relationships, leading to more networking and a happier life.

13. AROUND SINCE THE EARLY 60’S: This is not a new organization. The USCAA have been around for a long time now and really know what they are doing! Every year they make progress, more schools join and they improve things that really benefit the schools and their student-athletes.


Here you can access the most up-to-date college basketball openings from college coaches looking for players to fill roster spots