Welcome! Play College Basketball your Information Resource and Scouting Report. At PCB, we are all about everything to do with playing college basketball. This also includes having a scouting list for college coaches to use to recruit. Play College Basketball was initially created to be a place for people to easily find and read about the most recent and relevant information to do with playing college basketball in the United States. We wanted to create a site that people could go to, knowing that the information presented is quality, well sourced information that is trustworthy to guide them in their decision making. We continue to strive to do this alongside providing a scouting report that benefits both the players and college coaches.

The information you can find on Pay College Basketball is relevant to: a player who is looking to play college basketball, a Parent who wants to know more to assist with their child’s development and recruitment and, basketball coaches of varying levels who want to keep up-to-speed with college basketball information, changing trends and utilize our scouting report.

Play College basketball is designed to be used as an online resource. We aim to cover as many relevant topics about playing college basketball and getting recruited. Our articles will also extend into training and nutrition which is not only an important element to being a basketball player, but this type of information will continue to enhance a persons life long after college.

We understand the complexity of trying to get recruited to play college basketball and for college coaches, we understand how important it is to find and recruit the right players. This is why our goal with every article written, is to communicate complex topics or answer common basketball questions, simply and as direct as possible. We want all our readers to gain a full understanding of the information they receive.

Our team contributes collectively, a wealth of experience ranging from basketball coaching and training of student athletes, practical design of weight training and nutrition programs for basketball players, insight in helping players with their recruitment process, contacts and connections with college coaches in all the various basketball associations and divisions. All these years of knowledge gaining and experience have been pooled together and used to create this online resource called: Play College Basketball.