Top 13 reasons to play nccaa basketball

Top 13 Reasons to Play NCCAA Basketball

The NCCAA stands for the National Christian College Athletic Association. As an association, they are gaining more and more traction every year as basketball players choose to play for their athletic programs. Some of you reading this may have heard of the NCCAA before, and some of you may not have. Either way, this can be a fantastic option for some of you to pursue your college basketball career. Lets take a look at some of the reasons why you may want to Play NCCAA basketball.


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  1. Strong Basketball Ethic: The NCCAA is non-profit association who are solely focused on promoting and enhancing your college basketball competition experience. They have identified a present, growing need to promote basketball through Christianity’s perspective. This way they aim to reduce questionable ethical and moral decisions of student athletes when in the college environment. This is backed up by the NCCAA’s set standards that must be adhered to by all student athletes and staff alike.

2. Good match-ups: There are 90 schools who are NCCAA members. You will be competing against schools from the same background and against players of similar age and development which makes for very competitive games!

3. Prioritizes growth & character of Student Athletes: If you are a basketball player whose faith is very important, playing for a NCCAA school will really align with you. It is very important to the program/school, that as you play basketball and compete, you do this with Christ at the forefront of your mind. By cultivating this you will continually grow and develop as a person not just an athlete and, become a well-rounded individual at the end of your college basketball career.

4. Compete & focus on religious studies at the same time: attending a NCCAA school will allow you the time to focus on both your basketball career and your religious studies. This is an advantage for someone who takes their religious studies and practices very seriously. Unlike other divisions where your time is in high demand for basketball activities only; an NCCAA basketball program acknowledges the importance of your faith and incorporates adequate time for you to focus on this alongside your basketball training and games.

5. #Kingchasing Program: “Kingchasing” is a term used in all NCCAA basketball programs as well as all the other athletic programs they offer. It means seeking Christ first in everything they do, including winning championships. It is a philosophy taught to you by your basketball coach and will really help you focus on the main values which will help you get the most out of your college basketball career.

6. Game Plan 4 LIFE: This ties into the Kingchasing Program. LIFE stands for: Love, Integrity, Faith, Excellence. It is what the school and coaches have their players focused on. They call it the “Game Plan 4 LIFE”. The Game Plan 4 Life is used to enhance your college basketball experience. The NCCAA’s Game Plan 4 LIFE (GP4L) is built on four Biblical traits: Love, Integrity, Faith and Excellence which are important within competition but are also essential to your everyday life.

7. Get Recognition: NCCAA schools nominate student athletes (and athletic staff) for certain awards like, character awards in the GP4L Character Award Series. The basketball championship has a character award to recognize and honor NCCAA student athletes who exemplify the four values of the Game Plan 4 LIFE.

8. Scholarship Opportunities: The NCCAA has a D1 and D2. The D1 members schools can offer you an athletic scholarship if you are a great athlete.

NOTE: NCCAA D2 member schools cannot offer their student athletes an athletic scholarship to attend their program.

9. High quality campuses: You can spend your days studying and training on some of the most beautiful campuses that have everything you need from fantastic training facilities & basketball court, comfortable & quiet study areas with access to resources and great dining and relaxing areas for you to integrate and socialize within the school’s culture.

10. Strong basketball culture: The basketball gym will be packed every night as you and your teammates play! NCCAA schools have great fans who love their team. The school and basketball programs work hard to instill a culture of responsibility and success where academic achievement is expected and team-first basketball is demanded.

11. Achieve your dreams: There are many great degrees to choose from at a NCCAA school. Once you complete your degree you can then continue your life and serve God in various professions throughout the USA or even the world if you prefer to venture further. Former players from NCCAA school have gone on to become pastors, missionaries, police officers, businessmen, teachers, athletic directors, coaches, and husbands and fathers. Which career path will you choose?

12. Championship time: The NCCAA hosts its very own championship called the NCCAA Basketball National Championship. The winning team of the National Championship team receives a championship banner, medallions and t-shirts. The NCCAA also has other awards that you can achieve, through their awards program for all National Championships. These include Team, Most Outstanding Player, Scholar-Athlete, National Coach of the Year, and All-American awards.

13. Opportunity to play in other divisions: By choosing to play for a NCCAA school you will (at participating schools) also get the opportunity to play in other divisions such as the NAIA and NCAA D3 at the same time.

Can You make it to the NBA if You Play NCCAA Basketball?

It goes back to one thing, are you good enough? If you are good enough to play at the NBA level it does not matter where you had your college career because you will still attract the attention from the right people who can make things happen. With that being said, the majority of players who play at a NCCAA schools continue their basketball careers overseas. Places like Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand, all offer professional basketball opportunities for players who have had a great college basketball career in the USA. Like any division, if you play at a NCCAA basketball program, and have and outstanding career with the stats and the game footage to back you up – you have a good chance of becoming a professional if this is something you really want to pursue.


Here you can access the most up-to-date college basketball openings from college coaches looking for players to fill roster spots