The Jump Manuel Review: Should You Try It to Improve Your Vertical Jump?

The Jump Manuel Review: Should You Try It to Improve Your Vertical!

The Jump Manuel is considered one of the best training programs to increase your vertical. So. We decided to put it to the test! We were very excited to try out the renowned Jump Manual. It is said to have a huge collection of scientifically proven and effective exercises that they have carefully put into their own unique training sequences and techniques. This was definitely a training program like no other, so if we still have your interest, here’s our detailed review of what we concluded from our Jump Manuel training experience.

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Increase Your Vertical!

Reach your dunking goals! Increase your vertical starting today with this proven 12 week program that will increase your jumping ability.


Who did we select to test the 12-week Jump Manuel training course? This Jump Manuel training program was tried and tested by a young male basketball player, 6ft 2in at 190lbs with a current vertical of 26 inches. This athlete was in good health, no injuries and in his off season training. The athletes main goal was to increase his vertical jumping ability so that he could dunk the ball in games consistently.JUMP MANUEL: HOW IT WORKS

It was very easy to get started with the Jump Manuel. Once you make your payment on their website you will be sent an email. Once you have received your email, just login to their member website and you have instant access. Everything is clearly set out and easy to navigate so you won’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that is presented to you


Once your in, it  is very easy to navigate your way around. The actual training is very structured and easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions that come with really good explanations, videos and a workout chart to follow. If there’s a new exercise that your not too familiar with, you can just check out the video and see how you need to execute the movement, easy. All the videos are easy to watch and follow with straight forward instruction.

Simply put, the Jump Manuel video library is outstanding. They have a ton of videos that are helpful to see exactly how you need to perform the movement. I thought it was great that they have non-weight variations for those times when I couldn’t get into the gym. I din’t have to improvise myself, they had already figured out an alternative for me to do. The Jump Manuel covers all aspects of your training from working out at the track to lifting weights in the weight-room. It is a very comprehensive, balanced jump training program.

Another plus was their dedicated section on injury prevention and recovery which I read and followed and actually improved my flexibility significantly by doing this. The biggest surprise for me though was how little time it took every day. The workouts you’re doing are intense but they don’t drag. The Jump Manuel program is about intensity and efficiency. And you can tell, they don’t over do it and the combos they have you doing make it so that you have time to recover and make improvements. I think this is why you can quickly see improvements in your jumping and speed ability.


I saw results after just 3 weeks of the training program. Once my body adjusted and I got over the muscle soreness I pretty much saw some improvement every week that went by. I went into the Jump Manuel training program giving it 100% effort and it didn’t disappoint. I stayed consistent with the Jump Manuel training program (I didn’t miss a day) and was on my diet. Here’ s an added bonus about the Jump Manuel. You get 60 days to try it for yourself and test it out. If your not happy with your progress they will work with you until you are or, they will give you a full refund. I like this because this shows be the level of confidence they have in their program. By giving you a 60 day window to try, they know that within this time frame you are already going to have seen impressive results which are going to make you happy and want to keep following their training techniques and advice.


The Jump Manuel is the real deal. If you’re a serious athlete looking for a new way to become the best athlete you can be, and your willing to apply the discipline to follow the program from start to finish, then the Jump Manuel is for you because you will see results! I took on this program fit, injury free and eager to jump higher. The Jump Manuel did not disappoint me. In the first four weeks I gained 5 inches on my vert and increased my overall muscular performance. It’s an intense program, but there are a lot of gains to be seen from doing this 12 week cycle. In total I gained 11 inches in the 12 weeks taking me from a 25 inch vert to 36 inches. Every time I play now people notice me on the court. Something else that surprised me was how it pushed my core and flexibility to a whole new level. It took me a while to adjust to the DOMs but after that I just felt strong and athletic. I really liked the fact that I feel lighter on my feet and made gains every week on my vert.

The Jump Manuel is highly recommend for anyone looking to take their game to the next level and get that edge on the court. Their customized exercises worked really well with my jumping style which again, surprised me with how quickly I saw myself improve in strength and speed. My explosiveness seriously went through the roof.

Jacob Hiller the creator of the Jump Manuel has trained high school, college, NBA, Olympic athletes, and professional dunkers for a very long time now, and, continues to do so to this day. He has been involved in developing vertical jump explosion techniques for over 10 years!  Our verdict is that the Jump Manuel will help you to maximize your potential and, help you increase your vertical jump, no doubt about it

Increase Your Vertical!

Reach your dunking goals! Increase your vertical starting today with this proven 12 week program that will increase your jumping ability.